Our Services

  • Roof Repairs

    Stop leaks now

  • New Roofs

    Tile and Colorbond ask for colour charts

  • Re Roofing

    Remove old roof put new one on

  • Roof Restoration

    Colour your roof any colour have your roof rebedded & pointed

  • ReBedding & Pointing

    Extends the life of the roof & improves the look

  • Gutter Cleaning

    Prevents blockages in the gutter which in turn can cause a leaking Roof it also prevents fire hazard

  • Leaf Screening

    Prevents the build up of leaves & debris in the Gutters

  • Pergola Roofs

    Can be changed to all suntuf/laserlite or colorbond or a combination of the two to allow plenty of light but enough shade that it keeps out the heat

  • Roof Ventilation

    Roof Ventilation-prevents mould, allows the build up of hot air in the roof to escape, allowing your house to remain cool in the summer NEW solar powered fans more powerful than original.

  • Skytubes

    A great solution for dark areas in your house, they are self enclosed so they don’t cause problems in eratic weather & they now have frosted covers as well as ventilation

We are based on the Central Coast- Terrigal NSW

If you need Roofing we can do it!